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Have you ever wanted to sell your work in Folkestone's vibrant Creative Quarter? If you're a Kent-based artist or maker, here's your chance!

In addition to selling our own work, we rent out our wooden cubes and glass cabinet shelves to Kent-based makers. These spaces suit three-dimensional pieces, such as ceramics, sculptures or jewellery, rather than paintings, prints or cards, although there is limited scope for including one or two small pictures as part of an object-based display.


The wooden cubes (some vertical, some horizontal) all measure roughly 40 cm x 48 cm (16 inches by 19 iinches), while the glass cabinet shelves are approximately 40cm x 40 cm (16 inches square).

Key rental details

  • The rent for a single unit is £30 per calendar month, while two or more cost £25 each. You can choose a combination of cube or shelf if you are renting more than one unit.

  • The rental fee includes having some pieces in our rotating window display which draws in many passers-by and is a good source of sales!

  • In addition to the rental charge, a commission of 15% is levied on any sales.

  • We ask for a minimum commitment of three months, with a standing order usually payable in advance on the 1st of each month. A list of of the stock giving a (very) brief description of each item and its retail price is also required.

Interested? Then send us an email giving an overview of your work and we'll take it from there!

A successful business, we have had our premises on Folkestone's vibrant Old High Street for five years. Often referred to by our customers as a "treasure trove" and "Aladdin's cave", our gallery attracts a wide and varied clientele.


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