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'Viking Bay' is a good quality, signed giclée print of the seaside town of Broadstairs in Kent by Canterbury artist, David Weeks. Colourful and quirky, it depicts the beach at Viking Bay as seen from the harbour arm (with a little artistic licence thrown in). The print features the Pavilion and also Eagle House; the latter is where news of the victory against the French at Waterloo was first brought back to Britain. As a nod to this, the purple boat has a French flag. Eagle House also has an eagle sculpture set on its roof - it is in the painting but hard to see so the seagull in the foreground with a goldfish in its beak is helpfully mimicking the pose! The boats have sails furled as in past times visitors to the port would lower their sails as a mark of respect to St Anne whose priory used to be in the town. Broadstairs is also famous for Bleak House, the setting for Charles Dickens' novel of the same name.


This print, which has been placed in a cream mount ready for putting in a frame, will make a great addition to any wall. It is oblong-shaped and hangs horizontally. Size (including the mount): 10 inches width x 8 inches height (25.5 cm x 20.5 cm).


Please note that colours and tones may slightly differ according to monitor/screen types, etc.

Broadstairs, Viking Bay - Small print

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